Jiangsu Haitel Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Dongtai, Jiangsu, Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, on the coast of the Yellow Sea. It is a professional intelligent full-service provider of food and drug processing and packaging production lines. , oat chocolate machinery and candy machinery, chocolate machinery, biscuits and other snack food packaging machinery manufacturers. The company is invested by American businessmen, has strong economic and technical strength, has modern equipment, and has a large number of talents in food machinery research and development, design, manufacturing, and marketing services. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, the level of enterprise quality management and product quality has been continuously improved, and technological innovation has continuously achieved new results. The product has won a number of patents, and won the "ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification", "European CE Certification", "Jiangsu Province Quality Integrity Five-star Enterprise" and other honors in the industry. Leading products are well-known at home and abroad, and products are in short supply.


The company was established in 1997


The company's registered capital is 7.45 million


The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters


The company has 180 employees

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Dongtai Baoma Food Packaging Machinery Factory was registered and established. At the beginning of its establishment, it formulated the development strategy of the manufacturing service enterprise integrating independent research and development, production, sales and after-sales.


In November 2007, the name was changed to: Jiangsu Haiter Machinery Co., Ltd.


Fast-growing one year, expanded the factory, expanded the scale, moved to Taitung Industrial Park, Dongtai City.


In April 2010, the company passed the lSO9001:2008 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.


In November 2011, it was awarded the titles of "Provincial Private Technology Enterprise" and "Yancheng High-tech Enterprise". In December 2011, "Block Candy Folding Packaging Machine" was awarded the certificate of high-tech product.


In January 2012, the "Haitel" trademark was successfully registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Won the "Jiangsu Quality Integrity AAAA Brand Enterprise", and became the executive director unit of the "Integrity China" Medium Quality and Credit Enterprise Alliance in the same year.


In December 2012, "Special-shaped Lollipop Forming Packaging Machine" obtained the high-tech product certification. The enterprise was identified as Yancheng Food Processing and Complete Mechanical Engineering Technology Research Center.


"Special-shaped lollipop forming packaging-body machine" won the second prize of scientific and technological progress In February 2013, "block candy folding packaging machine" won the 2011 Jiangsu Province Equipment Manufacturing Industry Patent New Product Excellence Award.


In July 2013, it was awarded the certificate of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu Province. In August 2013, it was awarded the title of Jiangsu High-quality Integrity Unit by Jiangsu Radio and Television Station. In October 2013, it was certified as "Alibaba Network Marketing Supplier".


Awarded as a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province. "Homai Chocolate Forming Machine" won the second prize of scientific and technological progress.


The cooperation project with Nanjing Agricultural University "Block Candy Folding Packaging Machine" won the third prize of Jiangsu Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award. "Fully automatic high-speed multifunctional packaging machine" won the second prize of scientific and technological progress.


In December 2015, "Block Candy Folding Packaging Machine" won the third prize, and "Zangmai Chocolate Forming Machine Industrialization Development" was rated as "Xingwei Planning Project"


In March 2016, the "Oat Chocolate Forming Machine" was the first major product in Jiangsu Province. In July 2016, Nanjing Agricultural University Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base. In the same year, Yancheng Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded "Yancheng Well-known Trademark".


In December 2016, the second phase of the 15,000-square-meter standard workshop was completed and put into use. In December 2016, Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center issued the "Listed Enterprise".


"Folding and pillow-type intelligent packaging machine" has successively won the Excellence Award in the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, and is the first major product in Jiangsu Province. Won the title of "Jiangsu Province Quality Integrity Five-star Enterprise" and "Jiangsu Province Intellectual Property Management Standardization Qualified Unit".


In May 2017, the "Outstanding Contribution Award" was awarded by the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association. In December 2017, "Haitel brand food packaging machine" was rated as a famous brand product in Yancheng City.


Was rated as a civilized unit in Dongtai City.


In December 2019, it was rated as "Yancheng City Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise".


The Science and Technology Bureau, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission were recognized as "Yancheng Engineering Technology Research Center", and the "block wrapping and packaging machine" won the 2020 Patent Silver Award.