Forge Ahead and Win Brilliance Together | The 2024 Haitel Annual Conference was successfully held!

Jan 12, 2024

A rabbit brings a thousand blessings, a dragon sings a thousand miles of spring. This afternoon (January 11th), the grand annual conference of "Forge Ahead and Win Brilliance -2024 Jiangsu Haitel Machinery Co., Ltd." was held grandly. All the Heitel family and guests gathered together on a carefully prepared performance stage to celebrate this gathering moment. With the enthusiasm of the host, the annual banquet officially kicked off.

This annual conference will comprehensively review the development of Hetel in the past year through exciting program performances, award ceremonies, games and other activities, and jointly welcome the challenging year of 2024! Firstly, Mr. Yin Zurong, Chairman of Haitel, delivered an opening speech on this annual meeting, summarizing and reviewing the development of the past year, and expressing confidence and expectations for the 2024 strategy. We wish Haitel and all our customers and friends a win-win and brilliant year ahead.

After a wonderful opening show, the leaders of various departments of the company brought together a wonderful dance show called "Kangding Love Song". Everyone gathered together to play the passionate overture of 2024, and also wished Heider even more brilliant achievements in 2024.

Today's glory stems from the tenacious struggle and selfless dedication of every family member. This year-end event commended the outstanding teams and individuals who performed well in 2023.

《Integrity and Responsibility Outstanding Employee Award》

《Caring and Enterprising Outstanding Employee Award》

《Excellent Employee Award for Team Collaboration》

《Excellent Employee Award for Excellent Quality》

《Customer Satisfaction Excellent Employee Award》

《Excellent Administrator Award》

《Best 6S Individual Award》

《Best 6S Team Award》

《Sales Champion Award》

《Sales runner up award》

The award ceremony came to an end, and the company carefully planned an exciting program performance and a rich dinner. The talent programs of various departments are staged in turns, including a variety of performance forms such as singing and dancing, skits, and poetry recitation. Employees actively participate, showcasing their talents and talents, adding color to the entire dinner.

《Chorus: Unity is Strength》

《Recitation: The Haitel》

《Sketches: You Have It, I Have It》

《Recitation: Working makes me happy》

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The game activities pushed the entire banquet to its climax, with activities such as "Guessing Animals", "Listening to Orders", "Counting Money", and "Balloon Racing" infecting everyone on site with laughter.

Unforgettable tonight, as we look back on our encounters, look forward to the future, and perform various exciting programs, amidst the joyful singing and dancing in the small game segment, we welcome our annual conference dinner. The 2024 Haitel Annual Conference has come to a successful end! Wishing Haitel a bright future in 2024 and a win-win situation!